Project Management

Project Management

Information Systems projects in today's project management landscape are usually divided into Agile or Waterfall methodologies for implementation. In order to tie-in the Business Case for these projects, a complimentary project management platform called PRINCE2 may be a good choice.

Agile, Waterfall and PRINCE2 are project management methodologies. They all provide a method for managing a project using a framework.

PRINCE2 is a generic project management methodology which separates Specialist Products and Management.

Specialist Products can be specialization areas such as Engineering, Construction or Software Development. The framework is independent of IT, and can support IT methodologies such as SCRUM or Waterfall for product development.

A Management Product is a Business Case. A Business Case consists of several sections to define the reasons for undertaking the project (or not) and expected benefits and return on investment (ROI). The business case focuses on time, investment, risk and cost. There is also a benefits review conducted upon project completion.

The PRINCE2 Methodology certification is administered by APMN. PRINCE2 was developed by the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC). It is a good choice for projects which are very large and high risk. The framework can tie together diverse Project Teams and multiple methodologies.

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Prince® 2 Foundation (level 1) e-Learning - 6 Months Access

Prince® 2 Foundation (level 1) e-Learning - 6 Months Access

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